Search Engine Optimization and Customer Intent

SEO stands for search engine optimization. These three letters have more to do with the customer’s experience than it does with stuffing the right keywords in the content these days. Meeting Google’s algorithms standards can at times be compared to hitting a moving target, but what remains steady is their expectation as it relates to the customer’s experience. Aim for meeting the needs of the target audience and show up higher in the search engine.

Provide Useful Content

SEO experts recommend placing your attention on consumer behavior rather than snagging the right keywords. That’s not to say that keyword research doesn’t have its place in an effective SEO strategy. But, the keywords that your target audience is searching for will appear organically in your content if your focus is providing useful content.

Be Mobile Friendly

Part of ensuring a great customer experience is making a website mobile-friendly. Research has proven that more people are logging on to the internet from their mobile device than their desktop or laptop computers. That means that the website should be easily displayed on all devices.

Speed Things Up

The average reviewer won’t wait longer than three seconds before moving onto another website. Eliminate a higher bounce rate with a website that loads quickly across all devices. In fact, it’s believed that Google will favor sites that provide useful content that loads quickly.

Keep up with Google Trends

An effective SEO campaign isn’t complete without up to date information–Google updates to be more specific. Google sets the standard as theirs is the most used search engine to date. RankBrain and UX are just two anticipated updates that speak to keywords and loading times.

RankBrain is Google's way of staying relevant. RankBrain will assist someone in their search even if he or she isn't sure what they are searching for entirely. Google is able to do this because of their massive database of terms search for.

Keywords used to be the end all to SEO. Now, search engine optimization is all about customer intent. What is your customer looking to find in their search? Give them the answer in your content and/or product.