I Want Just the Facts

I am really proud that I voted for President Trump. I am in the minority where I live though, so I do take some heat for it. I just refer people to the numbers and facts though, because the proof is there that he is doing what he said he would do. I like to read as much information as I can to have the ammo I need when one of them starts in on me for my personal choices for president, and that is how I ended up finding the Trump news feed website that I visit on a fairly regular basis.

I don’t want to read the facts so I can just prove my point though. I want to stay informed too. I voted for President Trump because I want the change that he promised, and I like to stay informed on what he is doing. I used to go to the mainstream websites, but I found that they are quite biased. I did a further search to find a website where I could find Trump news without getting someone else’s opinion on it. I just wanted the facts, and I was finding it very hard to find a place online who wanted to give only the facts.

I found this website not that long ago, and I have been very happy with everything that I see from it. I am able to keep up on all news that is Trump related. This is not because I believe he walks on water, because I don’t. It has nothing to do with hero worship and everything to do with being proud of my country and wanting to know what is going on as much as I can. The articles that I read there give just the facts, and I am able to stay informed and help to inform others as well.