Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

A small business owner can benefit from a solid Online Marketing strategy. If a small business owner wants to generate sales, traffic or brand awareness, content marketing is a great way to do it. Here, the strategy focuses on creating and distributing consistent, relevant content to audiences, with the goal of increased profits. To that end, below are several content marketing tips for small business owners.

Define the Target Audience

For an online marketing campaign to be effective, the owner needs to decide who they’re attempting to reach. People go online looking for answers to specific questions, and if content can provide those answers, it’s valuable.

Start a Content Schedule

If a business owner engages in a content marketing strategy, it’s important to make a list of good ideas and create an agenda. WordPress makes it easy to stay on schedule, as content can be drip-fed to subscribers.

Practice Good SEO

While great content is important, it’s not enough. To be truly successful, the content must be optimized for the search engines. If there’s no set of SEO best practices, the content won’t be found by the search engines, or by the audience.

Find Marketing Partners

Creating and publishing content to a site or blog just isn’t enough to achieve success. Press releases are a great tool, but business owners shouldn’t let the name fool them. They’re not just for the press anymore—they allow companies to disseminate content through multiple channels in an affordable, fast way.

Use Social Media

Most people use at least one social media platform, and business owners can use sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to share content. Social media can provide twice as many marketing leads as direct mail, telemarketing or trade shows.

Think About Revamping the Website

The content a business owner creates should have links back to the corporate website. If the website isn’t ready for all those links, it may be time for a refreshed look and feel. It’s also important to make the site mobile-ready, because almost 80% of local searchers end up making a purchase. If the site isn’t mobile optimized, the business owner can miss out on quite a few sales.