My New Apartment Has a Lake

I just got to Wichita KS last week, following my girlfriend who has a great job with one of the aviation outfits that are based here. She is an engineer who works on the avionics of aircraft, that means the electronics that you need for an airplane to operate well. At any rate she wanted me to come here and she found me a job. We have a really great apartments in Wichita, especially if you like to fish or if you like to sail like Emma does. She has one of those tiny little sailboats, which is barely big enough for the two of us and she has been determined to teach me how to sail. I am not very good at it unless she is there to tell me what I am supposed to do and she laughs at me when I try to act like I have a clue what I am doing. In fact this apartment complex has it’s own 22 acre lake, which is not something that I have ever heard about. They keep it stocked with fish and I was able to catch my supper the day that I got here.

It is a really good place, but I am not so worried about where so much as who. Emma is looking for something permanent and so I have to start to think about that stuff, even though it scares me a little bit. At any rate I am wondering how she managed to get me the job that she did, because while I am able to do it, they would not have thought so from looking at the experience on my resume. At any rate I have to think about the future a lot now and I am wondering how well things will go for us.