I Felt Like My Old Self Again

I was feeling under the weather without even being sick. I could tell that my energy was lagging over the last few months, and everything was becoming such an effort to do. I was researching my symptoms online because I wanted to feel vibrant again instead of completely drained before the day was even half over. When I was reading about different causes for lethargy, I was really surprised to see that contacting a chiropractor in San Jose could help me a great deal toward feeling better, physically as well as mentally.

I checked with my insurance company, and I was relieved when I saw that I would be able to see a local chiropractor for just a small copay. I had read that an adjustment could align my spine the proper way and make me feel better overall, but I honestly did not see how that was going to make me have more energy. It was not that I was in pain, but rather just lacked the energy to where getting to the end of the day was truly a struggle. When I described my symptoms to the chiropractor, he told me that he has treated a lot of people who have complained of the same symptoms.

While I may not have understood it at the time, I knew that I was going to go through with having an adjustment. I was that tired of not feeling my best. I did feel a little different after my first adjustment, and he encouraged me to come back for a few more. He explained that it is just like physical therapy. You don’t often have one session and feel completely fine afterward, that it is a process because the damage did not happen overnight. I am so glad that I stuck with this, because after my third adjustment I felt like my old self again!