My Mother Helped Me to Look Good Again

My mom and I both had bad skin when we were growing up thanks to severe acne. Each of us also had a lot of pockmarks and scarring after the acne finally disappeared. My mom went to a Singapore aesthetic clinic last year to get help, though. We live in different states, and I didn’t see what she looked like until about 6 months after her treatments ended. I flew home for Christmas, and I was stunned at how great she looked when she met me at the airport. I gushed about how beautiful she is, and she said that if I was interested, she would purchase the same treatments for me, too.

My mom and I are really close. I always felt somewhat bad about my skin, but the fact that my mom’s skin looked pretty bad and she always felt confident anyway really helped me. I can’t say that I have been as confident as she always has been, but after seeing my mom not letting her own face hold her back, I did the best that I could do to do the same. My mother was much better at letting it not affect her, though. I am a much more sensitive person, and my face bothered me from time to time.

When I met my current husband for the first time, I had on makeup, and he had no idea of what my skin looked like underneath. Later, as we got to know one another, I let my guard down and he saw me without my makeup. He was pretty surprised, and that was the first time that I found myself wishing that I could have better looking skin. That has now been made possible by my mother who paid for laser treatments for me. Now, I can walk around in front of my husband on with no makeup on and he tells me how beautiful I am all the time now.