Falling Tree Breaks Our Water Line

We kept getting up from the couch and looking out the window as the storm raged. We heard it begin. It sounded like a freight train, but it was wind winding its way down the hill and into the low spot where we lived. The rain pounded against the windows, and then we heard a loud nose. A big oak tree fell over in our yard. We called a company that my neighbor uses for tree pruning in Nassau County to come out and take a look after the storm was over.

That tree was so big and heavy that a branch penetrated the ground and broke the water line when it fell. The water lines around here are buried about three feet below the surface where the annual frost line is at. The tree branch pushed right through and busted the water line when it fell. Oak is extremely heavy. We had water bubbling up from the ground, and we had to call the water company to come shut it off. We were without water for a couple of days until the tree company removed the tree and we could get a crew in to fix the line. If the tree would have been on the other side of the house, it may have busted the gas line. Gas lines are not buried as deep as water lines because there is no liquid to freeze.

Before the crew left, we had them trim back the other trees in our yard and recommend to us if any other trees should be removed. They are going to come back and take out another big oak out front that has internal rot. They wanted us to get our water back on first. We were very pleased with the work that the company that does tree pruning in Nassau County did with our trees. There is no leftover damage or piles of sawdust that you might see left behind by some other companies. They did a nice clean job.