When Big Oak Trees Become a Neighborhood Problem

There are beautiful trees in our neighborhood. Lots of majestic old oaks. They seemed to all have topped out at a maximum height, but the trunks seemed to keep growing in diameter. Some of them are massive. When the ones on our property started to lift the sidewalks because of growing roots, we contacted a Nassau County tree service to see what we could do. We did not want to cut the trees down, but we did not know if the huge roots on the one side facing the sidewalk could be cut and removed before the sidewalk cracked.

Two things prevented us from just cutting those roots. One, was the fact that other roots would compensate and get just as big. The other fact was that the roots were so big that it could compromise the strength and health of the trees to cut them. The safest course of action was to take out the tree that was an immediate threat to damaging our sidewalk. We decided to have them all taken out. Our neighbors were not very happy about our choice, but we are the only ones on the block that do not have patched sidewalks due to tree root damage. Other neighbors have sidewalks that are a patchwork mosaic of different shades of concrete where sections needed to be replaced.

It is not cheap to have to replace a sidewalk in front of your house. And it is your responsibility. We did not want the liability risk of someone falling due to an uneven or broken sidewalk in front of our home. Another thing that has recently developed with the old oaks lining most of the street is falling branches that are damaging vehicles parked on the street. If we all would have managed these trees better since we first moved here, they would not have become the problem they are now.