My Boss is Really Not Sane

I am pretty sure that you could go on the web and find a professional to do Canada geese control in New Jersey and it would probably be rather easy and straightforward. I have no idea what it would cost, although I suspect that it might be less than what my boss has already spent. In truth I suspect that there are laws against some sorts of things that an amateur might try to get rid of a living breathing nuisance like the thirty or so geese which like to hang out on the huge lawn and parking lot that we have. Of course his issue has to do with his car, a really sweet 1964 Chevy Malibu convertible and he likes to leave the top down some days. Of course a goose does what a goose does without caring one bit how much you like the really sweet convertible that you treat better than you treat your wife and kids.

This is literally true, since the guy cheated on his wife until she divorced him and he has barely seen his kids since then. He absolutely babies that car though and treats it as though nothing else in the world is as important to him as it is. I could sort of get that to be honest, but I can definitely see how a goose drops what it drops without much concern about where it falls. So if I knew that and I loved that car so much, then I would most probably put the top up on it. Now that goose really did a great job of what it did and the janitor now hates them as much as my boss does, but neither of them have been able to make those geese move for more than half an hour.