Short Course on Equipment – Getting to Square 1

Choosing Land Surveying Equipment.

Land surveying can be categorized as one of the ancient arts known to man. It is there in the historical records that deal with human evolution. Land survey takes measurements on the surface of the earth. Measurement of heights and distances are some of the activities that are involved in the land surveying. Land can be mentioned as one of the vital resources available. The increase in population has made the need for survey in the current world grow. For one to get a title deed then the land must be surveyed. Specialists in this art of surveying are referred to as land surveyors. For one to become a qualifies land surveyor he or she must know about using various survey equipment. There are several lands surveying equipment’s that are used today. Chain and tape are among the first tools used.

They are used in the measurement of distances on land parcels. They were used in the ancient, but they are still used today. Theodolites are another tool that is used for land survey. They are used in the measurement of bearings. When using them there is need to use controls where you will set up the theodolite. These are commonly called traverse controls. The process that is used in their establishment is called levelling. The equipment that is used in the heighting is called a level. One can get very many types of level including the digital and the analog ones. These controls created by levels are the starting points of any measurement done in land survey. Total station is also an additional tool for land survey. This machine has an inbuilt electronic distance measurement system that computes distance. They include the simultaneous determination of distance and direction. They are used in the combination with a reflector that acts as the target. It utilizes the laser beam technology when doing the measurement.

As technology advanced modern equipment have been innovated. This is the global positioning system that is commonly referred to as the GPS. They are found in broad types in the current market. The GPS utilizes the satellite technology in the carrying out of measurements. Trimble GPS is among the commonly used types. It has high precision levels and highly portable than other land surveying equipment. It uses software that is customized to fit the surveys functionalities. This software has an easy to use interface that is friendly. The GPS also has an internal storage where you can store surveying data. External storage devices can be used in the storage. The GPS has revolutionized land surveying. They offer very quick process inland surveying and added portability nature. When one is choosing land surveying instrument there are some factors that they should consider. Know the type of survey to be undertaken. The accuracy requirements of the survey are also a must. The type of land surveying equipment used will affect the field results.