Different Reasons for Getting a Security System

My sister and her husband had a home security system installed at their house. They are not wealthy, but they are comfortable. They knew that they could be a potential target for thieves wanting an easy pay day because they do live in a nice house. They decided to get a security system just because of the news stories that they hear every day. When she told me of the additional benefits of the one they have, I decided to look up ADT in Winston Salem. We may live over 450 miles apart, but ADT is a national company that can install a security system just about anywhere.

I found a company not far from where I live, and the plan that my sister has is the same price for me too. I figured it would be since it is a national company, but seeing it in black and white reassured me that I would be able to afford this. It also helps that I was able to get in on a promotion where I did not have to pay for the equipment since I signed a long term agreement.

I do like that this will deter criminals, but I also like it because my smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are tied into it too. They are loud enough for me to hear even if I am exhausted, but the rest of my family are deep sleepers. I like knowing that should an alarm go off if I am not home, that they have this added layer of protection. My sister wants hers for the outside protection, and I want mine for the inside protection. The great thing about ADT home security systems is that we are both getting what we want as well as what the other wants too.